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Five Steps to New Cabinet Pulls

When you want an inexpensive and easy way to spruce up the look of your kitchen, one great way to do so is with cabinet pulls. Cabinet pulls are large enough to create a visible presence in the kitchen, and yet inexpensive enough to create a great new look while maintaining a budget. Replacing old cabinet hardware pulls can be accomplished in five easy steps.

  1. Evaluate Your Needs: Before you run around trying to find new cabinet pulls, it’s important to evaluate your needs. Take a look at your present décor. Are you happy with the basic feel of your décor, or do you want to try an entirely new look? Do you like the size of your present cabinet pulls, or would you like something much bolder, or more subtle? Focus on the basic elements of design when evaluating your cabinet pull choices – these include size, shape, material and finish. Look at your drawer pulls and appliance pulls as well. Do they presently match with your cabinet pulls? Would you like them to do so? Once you’ve evaluated your present décor, count up how many kitchen cabinet pulls, appliance pulls, and drawer pulls you’ll need to make the switch to new hardware.
  2. Let’s Go Shopping: Now, it’s time to turn to the internet, and to let your fingers do the shopping for you. As you browse for new hardware pulls, keep in mind the drill holes of your current hardware. If you presently have 3 inch drill holes, you’ll want to either search for new 3 inch cabinet pulls, or include cabinet pull backplates in your selection process. Backplates will cover up any unseemly holes and will allow you more choices in your selection process.
  3. Looking at Materials and Finishes: As part of the shopping process, you’ll certainly want to consider the material and finish of your cabinet pulls. Decorative pulls are available in a huge range of materials and finishes, allowing you to select exactly the right item for your décor. If it’s a modern, sleek look that you’re aiming for, consider nickel cabinet pulls or chrome cabinet pulls. For warmer tones, search for copper, bronze or brass pulls. For a funky look enjoy glass cabinet pulls or pewter pulls in a range of decorative designs and themes.
  4. The Name Says it All: Certainly, you’ll want your cabinet hardware pulls to last for years of dependable use. One way to ensure this is to purchase cabinet pull hardware from a name you can trust. Enjoy purchasing from trusted brands including Amerock Hardware, Belwith Hardware, Anne at Home Hardware, Liberty Hardware, and many others. These are some of the leading names in cabinet pulls and other hardware and their product lines will keep your kitchen looking its best, even with constant use. If you are mixing and matching styles in the kitchen, consider doing so from only one brand. For instance, purchase your cabinet pulls, drawer pulls and appliance pulls all from Top Knobs and ensure that you create one consistent look in the space.
  5. Sample a Few: Some people have a difficult time making a decision without a visual cue. Once you’ve narrowed down your selection to a few choices, perhaps you want to purchase a few samples. Place these samples in your kitchen and give yourself a few days to admire them. Place these cabinet pulls onto your cabinets, get a feel for using them, and consider whether or not you enjoy the look. Then, you’ll be more comfortable making your final decision and purchasing all of the hardware pulls that you need for your space.

When your new cabinet pulls arrive, it should be quite easy to insert them into the existing drill holes on your cabinets. Then, it’s time to pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back, and admire a job well done!

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